Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can we book multiple properties in different locations at the same time?

Yes you can! We can cover anywhere in the UK as long as we have the right details for us to source what type of property fits your needs.

How many places can you cover and which parts of the UK can you accommodate?

We can cover every place in the UK as we have a huge database of thousands of accommodation providers all throughout the UK

How can we save money by using your service?

We save you money by providing discounted rates and we negotiate with our contacts. We also source on your behalf which means we take out the hassle of you, negotiating and dealing with accommodation providers.

Are there any hidden charges that we’re expected to pay at the end on top of the cost for the total booking?

Other than miscellaneous fees to the host such as cleaning fee or safety deposit. So to answer your question, There are no hidden charges at all! We won’t charge you anything, no booking or processing fees! We charge commission on the serviced accommodation provider’s side so think of Beds and Parking as a free service for project managers, office administrators, booking managers, healthcare professionals and corporate business travellers. Footer